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Website Link Analyzer is one of the best website ranking optimization tools on the internet because it is a secure and effective analyzer of all internal or external website links online for free. The useful tool can help you to fully check and fix any broken link on your website, this will help improve your website seo in the search engine result pages.

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Website Link Analyzer Online Tool

Website Link Analyzer Online Tool

If you are looking for a free and easy online link checker tool to improve the search engine visibility of your website, then you should start using a website link analyzer. There are many different options available, the best of which is doing analytics, and all of them offer tests and many different advantages. Some of the most popular ones include Google Analytics and ahrfs. You can use these tools to determine which of your website links perform the best, check for any broken link and focus on improving it.

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Checking problematic links and solving them in an easy way

For sites that depend on the intensity of publishing and have many links, the use of the website Link Analyzer tool is very important, we do not exclude the presence of some broken links inside any site that are for internal linking between pages or external links, and this is of course special information for those who own websites and blogs.

The broken link is very bad and it does not give a good impression to the user because it eventually leads to the error page (404), which hinders the progress of the site and reduces the possibility of quick archiving of pages. 

The link checker verifies the correctness of all links on the website and for all pages by checking all hyperlinks, it features this unique service like other distinctive SEO tools, through the internet all broken links are detected in a coordinated and appropriate way to fix them.

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Special tools for detecting broken links 

By referring to the Google Console, you can monitor notifications and detect if there are broken links on the site.

For those interested in WordPress, add-ons allow the possibility of detecting broken links that you can use and benefit from, and unfortunately this is not available in the blog.

 Using some tools on the internet, you can make a comprehensive analysis of the site in order to find a link that does not fit :

  • The ahref tool
  •  Broken link checker website 
  • The SEMrush tool 
  • Falsely encouraging visitors to the site to report a link that does not work requires the installation of a notification logic to report a link that does not work. 

Disadvantages of invalid active links 

  • The presence of broken links on the site means not providing a good user service and therefore a decrease in the number of visits to the site.
  • He lost confidence and created a bad impression for followers and their feeling that the site is in a state of neglect.
  • Leaving the error page and exiting the site causes an increase in the anti-seo bounce rate.
  • The 404 Web page causes great damage to the site and the collapse of its reputation.
  • Dead links cause brand decline and loss of potential customers.
  • Broken links to the website are also contrary to seo rules.

Occurrence of broken links

Some sites for which you place a link to your site become idle due to the change of their pages or the names of their sites across the web, or their domains have expired and may not have been renewed or sold.

There are many sites that have been suspended that violate the safety and privacy of the user or that have not respected the usage agreement, including those involved in spreading malware.

Sometimes it's a broken link to an error in his book or copy it and maybe a Code fall out of url.

How the website Link Analyzer tool works on the web

Google does not provide on the blog a checker tool to detect and verify an internal or external link that does not work, it requires you to use tools from the web for free, although I said it، 

The Spiders of the website Link Analyzer tool crawl the HTML source code of the site for FREE, make a depth scan of all lines, including links, often checking with links and it is easy to determine which link does not work very quickly.

After analyzing the site and detecting broken links, the tool directs you to any page with problems, so that you can easily access it in order to speed up its repair.

Analyzing URLs url on a text or web page helps problems related to internal linking in content or backlinks, sites often avoid external links and prefer to remain unattached, perhaps because they will become unsafe in the future.

The online website link Analyzer tool allows you to check sites or a web page, and analyze the entire content, looking for any broken links in a short time, this useful tool can help you audit checks for the website, get one of these tools to help test analytics in the pages of the site, the tool is free and easy to use, and it can help you improve seo strategies in your website.

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A website link checker is a powerful locate software application that can evaluate your website's link popularity. Given the high results that webmasters and bloggers can get from using this software, it is no wonder that Linkody is another given for SEP. This software incorrect identifies all of the links on your website so that you can then visitor them and determine which ones are high quality and which ones are low quality.

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Some people consider that instant and manual checks are a better way to deal with an invalid link, some of them find a contrary look to deal, a manual crawler can be useful to track down particularly dodgy random link publications.