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Using backlink checker tools is very important especially for website owners who are working on SEO optimization of their sites. Based on the fact that backlighting is one of the most important ranking factors for Google and other search engines. A backlink is a link inserted into another website that directs visitors to your website. The more good backlinks to your site, the higher its ranking and the more it appears in search results.

The Best Backlink Checker Free
New Backlinks checker Tool

Therefore, the backlink checker tool is a great way to help you find new backlinks to your site, find out if existing backlinks are of high quality or bad and harm your site.

Free High Quality Backlinks Checker Tool

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We have created this page with a backlink checker tool available for free on ESSEKHAYA, which is a very important tool for bloggers that can help them remove backlinks that are harmful to their blog or website.Using the backlink checker tool avoids the bad consequences that Google takes on you as a result of linking your website to malicious sites or very bad links, because the tool tracks the backlink profile and ensures its safety.

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The website backlink checker tool, works correctly and is very easy to use which you can use to check all your backlinks, you can use all our free tools it helps you to do various analytics and track the news of online competitors such as the domain authority checker tool or the backlink quality checker tool and a large list of important tools for any website owner or blogger on the web. 

Are backlinks important for your website and blog

If your site has a lot of good backlinks, it means that the content you provide is of high quality and this is very important for SEO, powerful sites that place a link to your site on one of their pages to direct visitors to similar content that they are looking for earns you the trust of search engines and increases the authority of your site domain.

 The more valuable new backlinks are built for your site, the more Google pays attention to your content, but in return you should be careful that all backlinks are of high quality-avoiding any punishment for your site due to poor-quality incoming links.

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backlink checker free

Regarding backlink analysis tools, most of them are based on the rules of Google Analytics, there are leading tools that are very famous among people for their credibility in analytics, they have many features and suitable offers, and they also have experimental plans.Among such tools are Ahrefs, URL Inter, anchor monitoring, rank analysis, rating building, competing sites, traffic opportunities, site signal engine, increasing perfect competition. Enhanced the development of a specific depth analyzer easily identify quick linkminer ubersugest majestic openlinkprofiler including a view. These tools have been specially developed to help improve a website's ranking and visibility in SERP.

Backlinks checker
New Backlinks checker Tool

1 - Semrush backlink checker

Before you can start building traffic for your website you need to analyze your competitors. This will give you an idea of where your website ranks compared to competing websites and what opportunities there are to help you increase this ranking. The Semrush tool is particularly powerful in analyzing backlinks, and it also allows users to take advantage of its huge database of backlinks compared to other competing tools.everything related to links is explored very quickly.

2 - ahref backlink checker

Ahref depends on the accuracy of the data regarding backlinks you can access a large number of unique domains and backlinks.Creating a new document in ahrfs is fast and easy. Just enter the address of the site you want to analyze and our system will do the rest. You can also enter the URL of a competing site to see how their rankings compare with yours. Our system will analyze your website traffic and refer engine rankings to help you identify opportunities to increase your traffic and boost your rankings.

3. Moz Link Explorer

Many companies rely on the Moz tool because it has the ability to audit and track any backlink, it is really comprehensive and a wide range of important reports can be explored, whether it comes to the degree of domain authority or the ranking of your website. 


There are many internet users who do not realize the reality of backlinks and what their bad consequences are if they do not use them better, especially when they see ads from platforms specializing in creating backlinks to new sites, so it is advisable to use the Backlinks checker tool

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