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In this article we learn about the page authority Checker, which is a free online tool that can be used to
 measure the authority of a web page. This tool can be used to determine where the page ranks in the Google search engine, and whether it interacts with users. By understanding the authority of a web page, companies can determine where they should focus their marketing efforts. Page authority checker is a free online tool that can be found on our free tools website or on other page authority checker websites.

Page Authority Checker

There are many domain checker tools available online that can help you determine the authority of a website. These tools can be useful in finding out how well a website is ranking in search engines. Moz provides a free PageRank checker tool that can be used to check the authority of a website. This tool can be used to check the authority of any website.
Page Authority
SEO Tool Page Authority Checker

 What is the authority of the page

The quality of the PA page is extremely important for those who own a website, constantly seeking to improve and raise the authority of the page, because it has a strong link to search engine optimization, the PA page authority score is measured like the DA domain authority score, i.e. from 1 to 100, and this is according to approved controls for Moz and what investigators have found in this field.through these basics, the value of the domain or page authority ranking is known in addition to the quality of content and backlinks, you can use various tools to check the degree of authority of your site or page authority as a Link Explorer and MOZ Bar tool.

When is a page's authority score good

When posting a link to the main page of the site via communication platforms or creating backlinks, we have improved the domain authority of the main site DA, but when posting a link to a page of the site as a specific article, in this case we are working to raise the degree of authority of the page PA.

Raising big Authority for site pages requires taking into account several integrated factors, including starting with internal SEO optimization of pages, raising the ranking of appearance through search engine results, and not forgetting the internal linking between all pages of the site

Is Page Authority different from Domain Authority

The pages of the site differ from page to page, so the Page Authority is different for all pages, when it comes to Domain Authority, MOZ calculates the Page Authority and The Domain Authority account because there is a difference between them

It is not true to confuse the terms: domain authority is more comprehensive and means the ranking of the site and pages, and page authority does not exceed the page, both of which are basics of search engine optimization.

Ways to improve page authority

We have learned that Moz depends on factors to determine the page Authority rating, so it is imperative to know the reasons that help you to get a good rating for Page Authority: 

  • Taking care of the content the unique and valuable content is one of the most important means of obtaining a good Page Authority, the site owner needs to publish content in accordance with the competence of his site and what the audience is looking for and raises their interests and solutions to their problems,
  •  to be constantly published and shared through communication sites with interest in the interaction of followers and their criticism.
  • It is also advisable to constantly review and update old publications to breathe new life into them and make them suitable for reading away from all complexity.
  • Gaining traffic to your site: from sites that place a link to one of the pages of your site, the more those sites that refer to your site and direct reputable and reliable traffic, the higher the possibility of obtaining Page Authority is high.
  • Not all backlinks are considered good, you should disavow bad backlinks it negatively affects .Page Authority, Fixing broken links
  • Using media from exclusive photos or videos, sometimes it is stronger to bring the user's understanding closer using photos or video than text, so the inclusion of an image or video is one of the most helpful things to raise Page Authority, and finally achieve search engine optimization.


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To find the best website for your business, you'll want to use a website that provides metrics like Domain Authority (DA) and PageRank. Two popular websites that offer these metrics are Moz and Ahrefs. You can use these metrics to find the most popular website for your business.

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