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  About us page generator is a free tool for bloggers, website owners and electronic stores through which an About Us page is generated .users get acquainted with brands and sites and their interest. everyone can use the About Us page generator via our website without paying or registering just by entering your brand data and click on Generate.

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We hope that you will be happy after using our form to immediately create an "About Us" page for your website or an electronic identity for your brand, our "About Us" page generator is very simple and completely free،

About US
About US page Generator

If you are interested in the Blogger platform, Wordpress or any other site, then you need to create an About Us page, it is no less important than other pages such as the Privacy Policy page or the Terms And Conditions

Is the About Us page important 

It is also the link between the site owner and users and is considered an indispensable legal procedure for website owners, through which the visitor can familiarize himself with the various services and the area in which the Website is interested, especially for those who need to profit from displaying AdSense ads, and it is no secret to one of the strict laws and conditions set by AdSense to accept your site in order to profit from displaying ads, or people who practice e-commerce.

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Through this page, we will learn how to create an About Us page and an author profile professionally using the About Us page generator tool:

To create an About Us page for free and on any unique iTunes template, find out what you need to do by following these simple steps .

1-Enter The URL of your website, online store or web page.

2-Enter the site name 

3-Enter your email address.

4-after clicking on Generate, the code is extracted in seconds, copy the code. 

5-Create a page on your site with the name about us and click on the HTML display button.

6-delete any code and paste the code you copied from our About Us page generator tool.

7-finally save the edit and don't forget to check the appearance of the page by clicking on the view creation mode button.

Or you can download ready-made about US page templates there are many examples of the About Us page in different formats that correspond to the SEO of your website.

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Before thinking about creating an About Us page on Shopify in order to market products, at best first you must create an account on Shopify after having your own account, click on the Shopify page creator from your store, then choose Create a page and enter the necessary information.


Writing an About Us page correctly is very effective to gain the visitor's trust and strengthen the relationship in order to sell your products or services online. You can also use this same service and start selling about us pages, for example, you can sell the About Us page that we created as a product on Amazon, provided that it is of quality, professional and customized.