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How to check for bad backlinks for free

SEO tool for bad backlink checker for free, this tool is a very valuable addition to any SEO campaign and helps in identifying and removing any malicious links from the website and gives an opportunity to competitors to top you . Bad backlinks are sure to cause a lot of damage to the reputation and ranking of your website, so you should check the status of links regularly. We use several types of backlinks on our sites when we do several works related to our websites, so there are many risks that result from links from sites with a bad reputation, here is the best way for free to check bad backlinks and protect your site from falling .

Bad Backlink Checker
Bad Backlink Checker SEO Tool

Free High Quality Backlinks Checker Tool

What is a backlink

A backlink is a link that comes from another website to your website. These links are sometimes called inbound backlinks , and a good SEO strategy for companies with a bad backlink track record often starts with examining links, and how important backlinks are because they direct the search engines that other websites see to your content.

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If you have a lot of high-quality backlinks, it tells the search engines that your site is reliable and trustworthy. A backlink can help a page or your site rank higher on search engine result pages (by wages). On the other hand, if you have a lot of low-quality or unwanted backlinks, it can harm your site's ranking and reduce its SEO.

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There are two main types of backlinks: dofollow backlink and nofollow backlink. Dufollow links pass along the so-called"Juice link"."This means that they offer some SEO benefits to the site they are linking to. Nufollow links don't pass along link juice, but they can still be valuable for driving traffic to your website.

The importance of backlinks.

Backlinks are useful for giving consumers a positive user experience, as we have discussed before, but we also cannot overlook their importance in the context of SEO technologies.

Search engines recognize the importance of your page when it often appears on other well-known websites in your field.

For your website or blog to position itself correctly and draw in organic and natural web traffic from users, this is extremely important.

In other words, building high-quality backlinks to your sites tells Google that what you offer is really relevant and deserves to be listed as one of the best results when visitors search using the chosen keyword.

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How to check for bad backlinks.

There are several different types of backlinks that can be considered bad. This includes links from spammy and toxic websites, low links, and links with irrelevant body text to your website.

The best way to check the bad background is to use the free Monitor Tool, enter via the profile in the Google Webmaster Tools or mozlink Explorer. It allows you to see the backlinks pointing to your website, as well as the linking text and Page rank of each link. If you see any backlinks from unwanted or low ranking websites, you can disavow them using these tools you will notice the improvement of the site after disavowing those bad links, if you need to use all the advanced features and analytics you can rely on the Ahrefs tool.

Website Link Analyzer Online Tool

This tool will give you crucial information both Domain Authority and Page Authority, we advise you to learn all the domains and exploit the analysis of the results from the Moz tool to get rid of poor links and to get clean links. Especially for those interested in marketing services and various businesses.


How can you get high-quality backlinks

  1. Producing content that is really useful and important to your audience is one of the best and most effective techniques for obtaining high-quality backlinks.
  2. Interaction on partner pages: by logging into websites and blogs to like, comment or otherwise contact their work, you enhance their exposure to visitors and tell them that you are really interested in what they have to say.
  3. Find out which competing websites have relevant backlinks to them. Once you know which competing websites have high-quality backlinks, you can focus on developing more integrated, comprehensive, and engaging content. You can use SEMrush to do data analysis.


A backlink is a link that points from one website to another. Backlinks are also known as inbound links, inbound links, or internal links. They are an important part of SEO (search engine optimization) because they help search engines like Google Search and rank your website.

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Bad backlinks can damage your website's ranking and reputation online . That's why it's important to check for bad backlinks and remove them if you find any. There are two main types of bad backlinks:

 Unwanted backlinks: these are links from low-quality websites that are trying to manipulate the system by artificially boosting their rankings.

 Broken backlinks: these are links from websites that no longer exist or have been removed.

After analyzing the site and you found any bad backlinks on your website, you should remove them as soon as possible. You can do this manually by contacting the webmaster of the linking site and asking them to remove the set url, or you can use a tool like the Google disclaimer tool to automatically remove the link from your website.

Bad backlinks can harm your website's ranking and reputation, so it's important to check them and remove them if you find any. Using the disclaimer tool, you can quickly and easily remove bad backlinks from your website without having to contact each linking site separately.

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