Check Online your sites indexed pages

 Who own sites and discover that they have some problems with indexing, they have doubts and do not know what the main reason for this is, and they are wondering how to get their site indexed by google?, There is more than one way to index your site by google, and in this guide you will mention the most important possible ways to index the pages of the site.

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Check Online your sites indexed pages

Check Online your sites indexed pages

Before touching on how to index a website, you should know the steps that google search engine relies on:

  1. google robots crawl to any content posted on the internet, check its presence and explore it .
  2. the google search engine has huge databases through which the content that has been reached is fetched and stored after sorting and sorting by the automated console .this process is often known as indexing.
  3. the last stage concerns the user and queries, where the results are shown in accordance with what the user is looking for, and in this case the results that have been indexed from google's automated console appear.

You can learn more by using the online crawling test tool on our site and using it to improve your website url by entering an address only.

Or use our special tools such as the checker tool from this page to check the index pages of your site, take a good look at the quality of site performance and check the google search engine rankings.

How search engines recognize and index pages

Search engines detect, crawl and index pages published on the internet. Discovering new or updated web pages to be added to the google search engine index is a very complex and sophisticated process that needs more resources such as advanced hardware and software, Google uses many factors to determine which pages are displayed first in google search results. Optimize the pages of your site, especially each individual page of the website as a whole, to achieve the highest score in search results and achieve SEO of your site. Due to the importance of indexed pages, Web page optimization has become an important part of many actions taken for the development of websites and brands.

When a Crawlers website is swept it doesn't exactly mean that it has been indexed because it will undergo analysis before the index repository.

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 Web pages are crawled in the form of documents that often consist of HTML code, search engines index the pages and can be found online or on related information, the page must first be published in order for search engines to find it and therefore it is easy to index it, a web page can be published on a web server or stored in an accessible directory on a computer.

Causes and errors that lead to non-indexing of web pages

There is no single reason why a web page is not indexed by google search engine, but there are several reasons. Some of them are related to the Web page itself, they are not well optimized for search engines. Optimized websites that have earned the trust of search engines are often crawled and indexed quickly, unlike poorly created web pages.

  • We will list other common reasons that are an obstacle to indexing a web page:
  • Common errors of servers, which are referred to in search consol as 4xx and 5xx
  • Entering the wrong Settings from the console :
  • The content of the robots file must be entered.txt is valid so that the indexing crawler is not blocked.
  • Custom header tags for bots should also be activated and well tuned.
  • You must activate privacy and make it visible to search engines click on The allow search engines button to find your blog.

  • The presence of a password-protected pagefrom the webmaster or blocked by bots in this case does not allow bots to access the content of the page.

  •  The Web page is new and has not yet been detected by the search engine.
  • A file that tells web crawlers which pages they are allowed to index.
  • Sometimes pages and sites that violate policies and agreements are excluded, lose their indexing and visibility altogether as a punishment from Google. 

  • A page that is redirected to another address, a series of addresses, or an invalid address cannot be indexed by Google for a redirect error.
  • If you need to check the links of your site, get the tool to check the links on the pages of the internet for free, just by entering an address url and confirm the status of your website.
  • You can improve your website and speed up its indexing using the appropriate robots Meta Tags robots instructions using one of our free tools .
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How to do page indexing 

One of the ways to improve the ranking of your site is to check the number of pages of your site indexed by the search engine. The more pages that are indexed, the higher your website will rank.

To check which pages have been indexed n tip google by searching for on the search engine. If there is a lack of results, then you need to improve the indexing of your site. We mentioned a lot of reasons that cause archiving to be prevented, the pages of your site should be well connected to each other.

  Enter the search console and add sitemap files, it allows you to add several sitemaps but add the best for your site.

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 You can get an external link to your website to find out the backlinks to your site using these tools:

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 The easiest way to speed up the indexing of your website is to submit your site address to Google manually.You add your url to the Google Search Console. Use this method for free it's a tool available on google that helps you send a URL and find out the status of your site.


Now that you know the main problems hindering indexing and how to solve them, this gives a question how long it will take. It depends on a number of factors, including the time of site creation, most often newly created sites take a certain time to be verified, generally from a few days to a few weeks, one of the ways to speed up indexing is to use the Google indexing API.

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These are some of the ways you can have your site indexed by Google. If you are looking for help, we will be happy to contact you and inform you about what you think is appropriate for us to take care of .

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