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A text file generator is a file that contains instructions on how to crawl a website.  It allows you to easily produce robots and a text file for your website based on the input, it is also known as the robots exclusion protocol, and this standard is used by sites .

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Generate Robots Text File

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custom robots.txt generator for blogger

You can create a text file for robots to help rank your website or blogger on search engines. The robots ' text file tells the search engines in order to crawl all the pages on your website that you should Index and which pages you should ignore. This is important because you don't want search engines to index pages that are not relevant to your website.

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generate robots.txt file

It is important to create a text file for robots for your website for many reasons, you will be responsible for ensuring the good functioning and security of all pages on the website. That will serve as an input for Google Android you will first need to create a new file in your IDE.

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