10 Best Keyword Research Tools

10 best keyword research Tools

Using the best keyword research tools is the first step in SEO, which requires more attention from you as a website or blog owner. Due to the interest of many people in this topic, many keyword research tools have been developed. To help content creators find relevant keywords, we have selected the top 10 keyword research and analysis tools in this article.

The 10 best keyword research and analysis tools
The 10 Best Keyword Research Tools

?The first question we answer is how does keyword analysis work 

The search and understanding of the terms or expressions that the target market uses to search for services, goods or information online is the process of keyword analysis. Because keywords are part of this data, knowing the website operators and keywords used by your target audience is crucial before doing any SEO-related activity. When making a service request or conducting a search, it is necessary to provide the user with the exact wording that he is looking for. Conducting keyword analysis entails compiling a list of phrases and terms that are most frequently used by the target market while conducting searches. Which, in turn, determines the terms that are most likely to lead visitors to a website and can also help a website understand the relevance of its content and determine where optimization will be most effective.

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For example, should I display the results of a computer purchase when searching for Nike shoes No. 

The reason is that users search for phrases according to their demands, the exploitation of related terms should be returned in line with users ' searches.

It's not easy to get the keywords in the fastest time . In this case, the great role of tools appears because they Shorten and simplify the acquisition of keywords. You can make a comparison of specific keywords using these tools, thereby getting the best words in terms of performance.

You gain a great benefit from tracking the growth of keywords, and through the tools you can evaluate the performance of different keywords by comparing their ranking at different times during the previous days or months.

1. Ahrefs

The Ahrefs tool became famous and became more widely used in the field of keyword selection through the Keyword Explorer tool, because it gives you new and important marketing opportunities to take advantage of them. It is a search engine optimization program that contains various important tools for checking content, tracking word order, building links and other features that are indispensable for entrepreneurs on the web.

The Lite version is offered at a price of 99 dollars, the standard version is 179 dollars during a month, and the advanced version is 399 US dollars per month. There are similarities in some features and differences in this program, but what interests us is the SEMrush keyword search service, as it provides many benefits and a better user interface.

You can calculate which internet searches lead to visits to your web page. It also contains a database exceeding 1.5 billion keywords for each different country.

The benefits of the tool are many, for example Ahrefs is a tool that conducts intensive research and can be applied to competitive research, is powerful in analyzing backlinks and is considered the best tool for searching for backlinks, it alerts you and sends you emails if it detects that your competitors ' rankings have slightly increased.

Features of Ahrefs:

  • A large selection of keywords with the determination of the difficulty and density of keywords.
  • Conduct advanced and accurate research.
  • Based on the data of the most popular search engines.
  • Support from most countries around the world.
  • Provides all data and analytics for the site with a distinctive interface. 
  • Search engine optimization metrics
  • Different information for a specific topic.
  • Give you an overview of the SERP.

2. KW Finder

KW Finder is characterized by its easy interface and its own keyword planner, so it is classified as one of the most important keyword research tools, despite being modern, it has emerged as one of the best major projects in SEO with the fastest growth.
You can use them to find the right keyword that brings a lot of traffic to your page . You can find many phrases related to solving users ' problems quickly through the tool using the keyword search option based on questions. For example, it automatically provides the difficulty score of keywords, which allows you to see the difficulty of ranking for this keyword.

 Features of KW Finder:
  • It offers a unique user service with its easy interface.
  • Search for competing keywords for any country.
  • Provide accurate information about these keywords.
  • Displays exact search information for keyword competition.
  • KWFinder offers a comprehensive SERP Analysis for keywords .


The SEMRush tool is a comprehensive platform for online marketing simply because it helps marketers increase traffic on their website.  The SEMrush tool is the most famous in terms of its advertising statistics and it is offered at a price From 69.95 dollars to 549.95 dollars per month. You can subscribe to one of the packages of this tool as a website or business plan, and the Enterprise plan is also available.you can request a 7-day trial version and start to find the highest profitable keywords in Google AdSense. SEMRush has gained real fame because it analyzes competitors and displays all the words in which they are leading.This also includes competitor-run ads for these keywords.

You should be aware that in order to rank high on Google and earn strong traffic you have to optimize your keyword research process. For example, in order to earn more clicks, it is recommended to change the title tags to look like ads.  You should also look at the position of a keyword in the SERP and follow its growth or decline . Various color schemes and data are important to immediately understand the analysis of the results.

Features of SEMrush

With the following capabilities, the keyword research tool may help in the best search:
  • Search for long keywords.
  • Get ideas of advertising groups for competitors.
  • View keyword prices and cost per click in all countries of the world.
  • You can use all the search tools related to keywords
  1. SERP tracking features
  2. Understanding the difficulty of keywords
  3. Know the search volume
  4. Competitive intensity

4. Growth Bar

The tool allows a trial period of 5 days, the customer can try it, this service is offered for 29 dollars and 79 dollars, it represents a little less expensive than the rest of the other services. You can see a keyword check on the search engine results page using the Growth Bar tool, of course, like other tools, it will give you valuable SEO tips related to the keyword and the sites classified for it.

It displays important organic search terms that control the ranking of websites. In addition, this application displays links, keywords, more profitable and Facebook ads. You can perform a custom search such as viewing the monthly search volume, finding out the cost per click, you can track the performance of your website and notice how its rankings are changing using the Keyword Rank Tracker control panel available in the Growth Bar service.

The most important features of the Growth Bar:

  • Search for keywords and find out their ranking and data with the possibility of exporting them.
  • Discover the degree of difficulty and competition metrics
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Amazon, Google and YouTube keyword suggestions
  • User-friendly interface


The Long Tail Pro Tool can be considered as the best low-competition keyword research tools for websites that help the success of the SEO strategy .  It is one of the works of Spencer Hawes in 2011 he developed this project as a result of his frustration with the use of numerous tools.

You can enter five keywords at a time via Long Tail Pro and receive a lot of important and alternative recommendations and variants related to keywords.  The program allows you to manually perform a keyword review or scan a competitor's domain to find powerful new words related to your content or videos.


Search keywords using the KC scale and find new long tail words.
Suggestions for bringing traffic from search engines.
Using the detailed metrics filter to analyze competitors.
Constantly detailed data at the page and domain level and notify you of any change.
Using a trial period, you can start with an initial pack for 37 dollars a month.

6. KeywordTool

This tool provides a large number of keyword recommendations for you. In order to find the ideal terms, the results are filtered after the search and analyzed well. It also provides you with an opportunity to analyze and evaluate competitors. Depending on the content of a particular site, the program gives you a list with the finest possible keywords.

The Keyword Tool allows users to create new long-tail keywords that are used to improve the quality of their content and its fit for search engines. It also differs from the rest of the keyword search tools in that it provides keyword ideas for many different platforms in addition to the Google engine.

You can use the free version to generate over 700 long tail keywords.
 The results are very reliable because the tool relies on real data. 

 Create the best long-tail keywords for sites like Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon and the App Store

7. Moz Keyword Explorer

To be able to measure the amount of real competition between websites on a phrase or keyword simply using Moz Key Explorer, it provides very advanced data on the level of competition for keywords and provides phrases based on relevant searches and difficulty.
If your page is located in the first results of Google, relying on this tool becomes extremely important for you, the price of the tool is from 99 to 600 dollars for maximum service, use it to find out the level of competition and keyword searches, click-through rate, or make a comparison of keywords.all necessary steps must be taken to get to the first page of Google.

Features of Moz:
  • Analyze and search for the keyword.
  • Moz suggestions for auditing and tracking SEO optimization of your website.
  • Determine the click-through rate of words and find out the degree of priority of targeting.
  • Before signing up for a paid subscription, Moz provides a 30-day trial period that you can try first.

8. Accuranker SEO

Accuranker performs its function very quickly and accurately, especially in tracking keyword rankings, using this very useful tool for you will save you a lot of time if you are used to putting a lot of effort into your projects .  See SERP ratings of people for any term made using the built-in proxy via the tool.

You can take advantage of scheduled weekly and daily reports if you want to get into accurate keyword analytics. Accuranker is the best tool for tracking the ranking of websites and pages on the web, and it also allows you to find out the rankings of local search engines for words.  If you own a company that provides services to customers all over the world, this tool is perfect for you because it checks page rankings across many countries . 

You can synchronize with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and YouTube, so that you can monitor the traffic statistics that come from your keyword searches directly from the AccuRanker dashboard, this tool is paid starting from 19.95 dollars per month for beginners, up to 600 per month for professionals.

 Accuranker features  

One click gives you a comprehensive audit about SEO.
Amazing tips and suggestions on Business Growth.
Get accurate reports on the progress or decline of your site.
You can save your data and analysis via the cloud storage of the tool or share it with the team.
Monitor competitors and their ranking.

9- Google Keyword Planner

 There are several keyword research tools that lead to better results, including Google Keyword Planner, which is probably considered by some to be the first tool when discussing how to track keywords.  It is a famous and popular Google Keyword Planner based on a huge database that comes with a simple interface suitable for everyone, its data is considered reliable because Google has developed it.

It has gained great popularity because it is completely free and depends directly with Google queries. It is really a reliable tool because it is essential for the early stages of SEO for websites, but in contrast, if you need to perform a more accurate and competitive analysis, you need to use other advanced tools.

Keyword Research and Keyword Planner help users to give them new ideas and suggestions to create unique content and attractive campaigns.

 Some features of Google Keyword Planner

  • Discover new keywords by entering a word or description of your project or product.
  • Discover keywords that are more relevant to your content.
  • Work comparing keyword trends and create a plan of your own.

10- SEO PowerSuite 

If you come across problems related to SEO and want comprehensive solutions : SEO PowerSuite is a sufficient tool to do this, it already contains everything that is important for the SEO industry such as analyzing competitors, checking backlinks or searching, analyzing keywords to editing your own projects, gives you recommendations on optimizing pay-per-click ads in addition, it comes with a very optimized interface and a lot of professional features, it is suitable for everyone, both beginner and professional and expert.
You can track the ranking and audit of your website, just automate the SEO functions of your brand or website.

How to search for keywords

  1. In order to ensure the success of your blog or website, you must first perform the correct keyword searches, because search engines are ready to constantly search for the most relevant results for keywords .
  2. Because of this, it's crucial that your website not only has material that is relevant to it but also has keywords that relate to it. This is precisely what search query marketing analysis accomplishes. Because of this, a significant portion of every expert search engine optimization effort involves conducting keyword marketing research.
  3. You should be aware of your alternatives when it comes to performing keyword marketing research when you are still in the planning stages of optimizing your website for search engines. First, you may register with a reputable search engine service provider, one of whose most beneficial services is keyword analysis study.
  4. You may utilize the free keyword analysis research tools that are available all over the internet or even download the most popular free keyword research utilities that are being discussed.
  5. One of the numerous paid keyword marketing search tools is available for purchase. The last approach requires you to research extensively about the device you liked. Verify their legitimacy before purchasing, since many dishonest people sell similar devices.
  6. Your dedication to the intended outcomes and the levels you would like to attain or the goal are the sole determining variables. Free tools are fantastic, but they should only be used for learning purposes or for microblogging in low-competition categories where you won't have to put much work into keyword marketing research. This is a general guideline since one of the biggest drawbacks of these technologies is linear search.
  7. Consider the keyword "vehicle" to better understand what a linear search is. Only the closest keywords—and only those that include the term "car"—will be found using free quick analysis tools. You get the concept. As an illustration, consider a red car, a new automobile, or cars. Search engines with effective keyword analysis tools will display all available results.

?How can I do a keyword research for free

If you're searching for a free keyword research solution, it's a wonderful idea to start with related Google searches. After typing a word or phrase into the search bar, click this link. You can see searches there that Google has determined to be highly pertinent to your target phrase.


In this post, I learned about the best 10 keyword research and analysis tools. Discover the ideal keywords for SEO-optimization now that you are familiar with all these fantastic resources.
Get the top reviews is the goal of any webmaster and SEO expert. Such individuals prefer to boost website traffic, raise their Google rating, and select the keywords that are most pertinent to their content. The chosen keywords need to have little competition and be often searched for.
There is a good chance that in this situation, better outcomes will be obtained. Remember that each term you write an article on should ideally be directly tied to the positioning and strategy of your website.
The expansion and competition in the online world, which has led to the availability of a wide range of tools, means that the restriction is absurd in any event. Try out a few, and if any of them catch your eye, let other site visitors know about them.