What is The Best Way to Write Exclusive Content

 The phrase " content is king."But when it comes to SEO, you should take the necessary measures to achieve this meaning, the easier your content is to find, the better and the more likely you are to get potential customers, in short, creating good content is not enough to benefit you and the users first.

Exclusive Content
What is The Best Way to Write Exclusive Content

What is the best way to write exclusive content

Relying on self-creativity, innovation and diversification of sources to create exclusive content, proper thinking is the key to writing exclusive and distinctive content, thus raising the value of the site because it provides an unparalleled service on the internet.

 What is exclusive content

Writing exclusive content that has been written by relying on ourselves or using bloggers who blog for a fee. Provided that this article has not actually been published before on the web, by writing exclusive content, the author of the article adds touches to his site.

The sites require a set of sections and topics in order not to be classified as being in the process of completion, exclusive content can be revealed for non-exclusive content in that the first is based on the creativity of each writer while the second depends on the writer's ability to use synonyms or the opposite meanings of that content, and in order:

  • Use short sentences and get rid of long phrases.
  • Use purposeful sentences and avoid useless ones.
  • Stay away from copying or any weak wording.
  • Delete vague sentences and words whose true meaning cannot reach the reader.
  • Add recent information to the article.
  • Publishers and website owners strive to write exclusive and unique content, a unique article is one of the most expensive forms of articles, but a paraphrased one is less expensive than a unique article, so it's better to write an exclusive article.

Exclusive content is what has been created through your knowledge capacity, your personal experience and what you have learned from your long experiences, exclusive content can be translating articles from other languages, summarizing the content of a book or reviewing various electronic devices that have never been published online.

Google robots analyze your content, if it is exclusive content, it is indexed quickly, and if the opposite is the case, your site's rating decreases and its ranking decreases because Google classifies this content as duplicate and there is no point in republishing it or paying attention to it and it will not provide new value to users, so you should pay attention to writing exclusive content.

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Here are some tips to help you write exclusive content

The more unique and interesting you are to create exclusive content The Closer This increases the strength of your blog in terms of SEO, before all this you should write well and avoid mistakes.

What are the basics of writing exclusive content 

These are some SEO SEO ideas and help you improve the ranking of your content in the first results of search engines, follow these steps via this simple strategy to write exclusive and compatible content and keep in mind that the content written by him will not be found anywhere else on the internet:

1. To keep in mind the purpose of users visiting your site

Once you select the keyword, check the visitor's search goal, create a content writing plan for what he is looking for, select an answer to the query he put in the Google Search box, strive to know and read what they are looking for and then find the appropriate solution to the problem in a way that meets their needs definitively and saves them from a long search.

  • Most often there are rules related to what the visitor is looking for according to the guidelines of Google Webmasters, which are as follows
  • Identify the correct answer to a question by showing the best answer during the search.
  • Disclosure of correct methods and information for an action.
  • Obtaining certain resources or providing a service in an area with the aim of profiting from this .business 
  • Finding websites of value to the user on the internet.
  • Be sure to observe the standards and rules of seo content writing .

Do not use artificial intelligence tools in generating articles and know that you are addressing a human with a sense, there are blogs that have executed themselves because they have complex and incomprehensible content from the public, and it was created in this way undesirable, and therefore it cannot be accepted to profit from displaying ads in Google AdSense in this case you are forced to write again useful, attractive and plagiarism-free content.

writing content

2.Ensure the credibility of the content .

Content based on truth and reliable sources is always trustworthy.the idea that you present to your audience through honest content is accepted. the reader prefers topics that rely on real data and information that have been truly proven by scientists and experts. in this way, your articles become one of the First interests of followers. attractive and easy content makes you enjoy continuing reading as someone who shares his story and experience from reality for people to benefit from his experience.

3.Using attractive headlines that attract readers without exaggeration

The title is what represents the content of the article and is the first thing that appears to the visitor, if the title contains high words that attract the attention of the vomit and will not pass but stop there, then a good title is the reason why the publication appears to the visitor as search engines rely on article titles to determine the content،

4.Distribute the keywords in the entire article correctly

It has become easy for a writer to find the most searched keywords through tools, and add them in writing exclusive content .competing in one keyword and leading with it entails control over other keywords on your site.

Working with the keyword will not forget to pay attention to your audience, solve their problems or interact with them, it is not possible to pay attention to search engines and neglect what the audience is looking for.


5.Avoid repetition and language errors

Repeating pages or articles, even if the meanings cause boredom and apathy to the reader, and regardless of what is copied from other sites to publish on your site in general will lead to reluctance of readers and lack of continuation, and linguistic and spelling errors, even if they are simple, but they leave a bad impact on the souls of readers.

6.Constant access, interaction with the public and presence on various social media platforms

Monitoring your activities using the free and various tools provided by Google Google Analytics to see the statistics of viewing your page, the duration spent by the visitor and the bounce rate, if the time spent by the visitor is little, it is an indication of the lack of what they are looking for .

On the other hand, you should interact with visitors ' comments and respond to their queries on the site or via special social media platforms.

7.Embed photos or videos

It is a mistake on the site if you exclude photos or videos from the article, many followers prefer visual explanations, but not all photos and videos on the internet are allowed to be displayed, but those that do not have rights are allowed with a few touches.

8.Proper style and good organization of the article

The participation is logical and the content is excellent if it is in an organized manner by choosing the correct and familiar form of writing text, such as the general idea in the introduction, then the sequence of headings, subheadings and paragraphs comes, with a good organization of backlinks and conclusion by writing a summary of the content to ensure good formatting.all this is important for a search engine.

9.Relying on various sources

Using various reliable sources and collecting more information or simply professionally diagnosing certain content, provided that it is not similar to the original content with the addition of some new meanings.

10. The large number of words within the content

Search engines favor long articles and give them priority, unlike the audience they tend to short publications.

Note that most of the leading articles in the results are more than 1000 words .

11.Review the article before publication

The most important step before you publish the content is to put the finishing touches such as illustrations, correct errors, and pay attention to the full details and review starting from the main title to the conclusion.

What are the disadvantages of using non-exclusive content

Any content that has been stolen and republished on a site and has not been fully modified, from adding new meanings and getting rid of superfluous sentences, has many disadvantages to the site, including:

  •  Bad ranking of the site in the search results.
  •  Lack of visits or you get few of them.
  •  It has become easy to distinguish between exclusive and stolen content because there are specially developed screening tools for this field and reporting any stolen content, which leads to the punishment of the site, its ranking in the search engine and possibly its disappearance altogether.
  • If you work in a specific field and target a special audience, the stolen publications on your site have become useless to them, you will definitely lose their trust and interest because what was published on your site has already been seen on other sites.
  • The Google AdSense policy is very famous and it is strict, especially if it concerns intellectual and literary rights, as copied content cannot be a source of profit.

The importance of exclusive content

Valuable and exclusive content helps to gain visits and more followers on the site or advertisers and customers.

  1. Show the experience and personal character of the writer in the field about which he wrote.
  2. Build good External links to the site.
  3. If you have a company that provides a service or marketing activity, the exclusive content of your site is a guarantee of increasing the services of a company.

For exclusive content detection tools

duplichecker as soon as you copy a paragraph to your plagiarism detection box, the scanning process begins, provided that the words do not exceed 100 words, it can be doubled by a paid subscription.

Plagiarism Checker by Quetext is a good plagiarism detection tool that supports several languages and also contains a proofreader.

paperrater is an accurate tool in detecting the exclusivity of the article that helps to find out the copies and the site that was stolen very quickly.

smallseotools gives you the percentage of theft after verification and action compared to most similar articles on the net.


Stolen content is a bad job and often causes a failure of the site, but if you want to write exclusive content, you should take most of the basics of writing exclusive content that we mentioned in this guide.

In order to be familiar with all the rules of SEO, we recommend that you learn English first because the first explanations are in this language, in order to improve the level of your blog, be one of those who follow the strategies adopted in it, simply you can follow steps compatible with SEO.

Exclusive content writing is an essential factor for SEO write an exclusive topic that includes a word that has a wide search in order to come out on top, we have strong competition on the internet in all languages, but most of them are in English

These were the most important and most famous tips for specialized sites are not static because blogging is extensive and can not be limited to a certain angle .

Sometimes you need a professional service provider to fix what happened to your blog, and you have to spend part of the money.

There are several great ways to make sure that your content is really exclusive and not copied the first way: the beginning is to focus on writing the content yourself, everything that is copied to the site is really the slow death of the site, when you understand the true meaning of your creation of the site and .set the outlines guarantee yourself success even after a long wait

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