How to Install and use Google Search Console

This guide is very suitable for those who own a blog or a website, you first have to submit your site to Google Webmasters, we will learn how to use the Google Search Unit tool and get the most out of its features, Search Console is one of the most powerful tools provided by Google for free to monitor sites and improve their ranking and can also check broken links, duplicate content and all errors related to the website. 

How to install and use Google Search Console

If you are a beginner in using the Google Search Console, we will show you how to set it up properly for your website step by step. You will be able to register, get an account and add your location. That is, you will be an expert in using the Google Search Console and monitoring the performance of your site without the need for professionals.

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 What is the Google Search Console?

(Webmaster Tools) is the former name of this tool after the updates and improvements made by Google on the tool has now become known as (google search console) and is one of the best free services for website owners and blogs through which you can easily track the performance of your site through accurate data and analytics from the company itself.

It is necessary to register in the webmaster tools and submit your site to be able to troubleshoot errors and follow the instructions of the tool in order to fix those problems in a proper way, the role of Google Webmaster Tools is not limited to the appearance of your site in the search results, but a lot of positives.

While website marketers usually choose to optimize valid domain names that have already been launched and indexed by search engines, there are times when they discover that popular domains have already been captured.

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In these cases, they may manually register an advanced, but still relevant domain name. Often, this can be done by simply adding popular words such as internet, email or days to the desired domain, or by subscribing to a domain similar to the one they want but with a different extension.

google search console
How to Install and use Google Search Console

what is the purpose of google search console

  • It helps to troubleshoot all the problems that have happened to your website and the state it will be in the future.
  • The google search Reports tool shows you the most viewed pages you can follow a certain strategy in order to maintain or increase those visits, which helps to improve the SEO of web pages.
  •  Familiarize yourself with the sites that place a link to your site ( backlinks), in case of doubt report any bad link that you want to disavow.
  • Be able to know the number of visits to each page and the keywords from which you get clicks. 
  • It offers you the possibility to check the added Site Map and you can also check its validity.
  • It measures the number of visits after analyzing the traffic for each page so that some of them appear as popular pages.
  • The google search console tool displays all metrics related to visits and enables you to specify all classifications, the type of devices such as desktop or mobile, and the set of internal and external links. 
  • One of the best characteristics that it has is the acceleration of indexing of various sites.
google search console
how to create a google search console account

google search console login

You cannot add a website to Google Webmaster Tools until after proving ownership of the site, you can go to the main page of the tool, first if you already have an account, you can click the Start Now button to log in with your Google account on webmasters .

After logging in, the first page of the webmaster appears with two options for entering your website: so you specify the URL prefix for the main or subdomain, you can include many subdomains including http or https .

As a second step, it requires you to prove that you are the real owner of the site.The search console tool provides you with several options to complete the proof of ownership of the site, such as adding an html code file by going to the site control panel, then the appearance, and finally modifying the HTML of the site and save the modification.

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How To Use Search Console

After your success in adding the site to the Google Webmaster tools, you can exploit all the available services and components of the tool by developing a program and starting to improve the ranking of your site based on viewing and extracting information and being able to see a variety of reports in the Webmaster Tools.

The Google Webmaster Tool is available on a group of sections, the most important of which we will mention:

The first section Overview

The first section of the tool is Overview, which is a report on the general status of the can track the most popular content on your website, see performance, preview indexing problems and user experience.


 By reading the analysis of the performance report, you notice the graph that shows the total number of clicks and the number of impressions in the search results with the average click-through rate, you can modify the settings and customize the performance results in a specific period of time or change the type of search, if you scroll to the bottom you will notice the most important search queries for keywords, the most important traffic sources, countries and devices.

URL Inspection

Using the URL Inspection tool to test the  title of the publication and is The  address available on the Google search engine and is it accessible by Googlebot

If you have published an article and would like to speed up indexing, you can do it manually, but be careful not to pass 10 requests during the day at the current stage.

Be able to use the URL Inspection tool, especially if there are people who constantly update their content.  


Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you measure your website's presence in Google Search results, optimize your website for better performance in search results, and verify your website for certain business and marketing issues. You can use Search Console to identify and fix technical errors on your website, submit sitemaps to Google, measure organic traffic to your website, and even test individual pages to make sure they're optimized for search. Search Console is an essential tool for all website owners and should be part of every website's marketing suite.
There are many factors that go into SEO, such as the site's website's presence, service issues, and the platform offered. businesses use SEO to optimize their site and to verify their business.

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