Website Speed Test

 a lot of website speed test tools for those who want to make sure how fast a website is, Google provides an excellent tool for testing page speed and it is one of the most famous tools pagespeed insights for Google site is characterized by accuracy and speed of performance.

Website Speed
Website Speed Test 

For those who are interested in web development are well aware of how important website speed is, how it affects visits to websites, traffic is of great value to website owners. So a slight decrease in the speed of a website can have a big impact on their brand.

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We have created several tools across our site to help you improve your site from all aspects, especially everything related to the speed of loading the site and the reasons for that, we have included several tools divided by each classification, including what is to compress Java codes or convert image format and make it compatible with modern requirements, the most important in all this is the tools to measure the speed of your website.  

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Features of the Website Speed test tool

  • Most website speed measurement tools allow you to test the speed of all pages.
  • A guide on how to improve page loading speed with the most important recommendations and appropriate solutions to the totality of problems.
  • You can perform a specific test for certain sites .
  • If it is more than 90, the site is in good condition, but from 50 it needs to fix the problems that lead to the slowness of the website.
  • Some of these tools are open source and available to everyone, and there are other tools specific to specific areas, in general, the tools available to everyone and free of charge fulfill the purpose and are sufficient to test the speed of websites on the internet with very high efficiency, such as the gtmetrix tool and the pingdom tool for free.
  • Testing the speed of the site requires conducting tests on most browsers and on various devices, especially mobile phones.
  • Most website speed measurement tools are similar, they are simple tools like other SEO tools.
  • Some tools specialize in advanced testing of the speed of a web page, and this is what web developers prefer over a blogger or WordPress because they contain additional features and various options with the possibility of comparing the speed of multiple sites or pages.

The Best Website Speed test tool

Currently, you can use multiple test tools to check the speed of your website, but at the last you will click on your favorite website speed test tool.

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How to choose the best website speed Analysis tool

website speed Analysis tool

For web developers, they need a tool that provides comprehensive reports on analytics about the speed of pages on the internet and various options without restrictions with the possibility of sharing them with others in a short time.

 So you find someone who pays more attention to the gtmetrix tool or the pagespeed tool for free.


A free tool from Google called PageSpeed Insights examines the performance of your website and offers suggestions on how to make it faster. If you want to speed up your website, this is an excellent tool to have. PageSpeed Insights is reliable and offers a wealth of useful data.

Some tools allow accessible presentations in order to monitor the performance of your website is tested with a real browser, because they have global checkpoint servers. Start the month of free run duration try something especially when it concerns the free uptrends, in bad condition and slow performance or low metrics of the instrument reported causing it.

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