Image to Text Converter - Exract Picture to Text online

This tool allows you to generate an image that represents the text you write. Then you can save the generated image and send it to someonem who will be able to reconvert it to text on this same page. Our tool allows a way of fitting a lot of text in a small image.

Encrypt Text To Image

Write something and click on Encrypt!

Or click to get some Lorem ipsum

Encrypt Now!

the image will appear in the below canvas, it's very small you'll have to right click and "save image as" to download the image

Right click on image to save


Decrypt Image To Text

UpLoad a PNG file created with this tool

How Encrypt Text Into an Image Works?

  1. Reads the original text
  2. Converts the text in Hexadecimal format and groups them by three letters
  3. Each group will be a color (example #B220FF)
  4. Draws each color as a single pixel on a canvas (this means that each pixel of the final image represents three letters)
  5. Exports the canvas image as a png file though the toImageData() method
  6. When decoding it does the exact opposite (duh?!)


Image To Text & Text To Image Converter

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Image to Text Converter - Exract Picture to Text online

Some photos taken or posted on platforms contain texts that are valuable to us, we want to extract text from the image for use or retention, but the solution is simple for those who want to extract text from the image. We have a tool that allows easily to read and extract text from any image and any format, JPG, PNG, TIF and WEBP.

Thermal Printer Image Converter

extract text from image online

Sometimes we need to write addresses to certain places or telephone numbers from notification boards or walls. It's simple to direct the phone camera and take a picture. That's just what everyone does. We take screenshots constantly. We may need them a day. Just have to keep those important images to be uploaded to the text extraction tool from the image.