Thermal Printer Image Converter

An easy-to-use program that creates 1-bit data arrays in the C array format for use with Arduino projects for thermal printers

Source: or

Drawing: px (2 bytes), px.

Scale: px (48 bytes).


Printer Output Preview:

change the variable name if you wish to embed more than one image in a sketch.

replace image.h With This:

Thermal Printer Image Converter

Thermal printers transfer ink from the ink tank to the paper using heat to create pictures on heat-sensitive paper. Only a heat source, such a heat press or an infrared printer, may be utilized with such printers. The heat source causes heat to be transferred from the object to be printed to the paper, changing the paper's temperature and causing ink to precipitate. A tangible replica of the original document is the end result.
Image Converter
Thermal Printer Image Converter

Heat is used by thermal printers to cover the paper with a "wet coating." By inking tape or a cylinder with liquid color and then running it over a hot plate, the picture is produced. We normally connect them with blackboards and watercolor prints since the ink is typically water-based. Thermal printers are excellent for swiftly and effectively producing prints of excellent quality.

A heat-sensitive film is used by thermal printers to imprint an image on paper. Energy-intensive as it is, the image generated is sometimes not of extremely high resolution or excellent quality. If you've ever attempted to make a copy on a thermal printer in a copy shop, you're aware that copies are frequently blurry and of low quality. However, if you have a thermal printer that has been converted into a photo printer, you may use the printer's inks and paper to create high-resolution prints with professional quality.

The process of turning thermal printer outputs (such as T-shirts, posters, etc.) into digital photos is known as thermal printer image conversion. You may upload your thermal print files and choose from a range of picture sizes and formats, including JPEG, PNG, and TIFF, using the Thermal online photo converter. A digital picture that is ready to be printed at home or sent to any thermal printer is the end result of converting thermal photos to digital. Start using Thermal to edit your pictures right away