15 Fully Financed Scholarships for Students from Abroad

International students, take note! Do you want to continue your education overseas but worry about the cost? So stop worrying now! We have put together a list of 15 fully funded scholarships that are intended to help students from abroad like you. These scholarships allow you to continue your education without being constrained by money since they pay for your tuition, living expenses, and even travel charges. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity by following our advice on how to apply for these scholarships and how to write a winning scholarship essay. With the help of these free scholarships, be ready to start an amazing educational adventure!

15 fully financed bursaries for students from abroad
 15 fully financed bursaries for students from abroad

Scholarships list

The following list of 15 fully funded scholarships for overseas students might assist you in realizing your goals:

  1. One of the most esteemed awards, the Fulbright Scholarship, provides chances for graduate study, research, and teaching in the United States.
  2. Chevening Scholarships: Supported by the UK government, these scholarships help deserving persons attend any UK institution for their postgraduate study.
  3. Grants are available via the Erasmus+ Scholarship program to study or intern abroad in both European and non-European nations.
  4. Australian Awards: By providing complete tuition, living costs, and health insurance coverage for study abroad in Australia, these scholarships seek to foster development in participating nations.
  5. DAAD Scholarships: The German Academic Exchange Service offers a broad variety of financial aid opportunities for foreign students to pursue academic studies in Germany at different levels.
  6. The University of Cambridge offers outstanding students from outside the UK the Gates Cambridge award, which is a fully financed award.
  7. For overseas students pursuing postgraduate study or research programs in Australia, the Endeavour Postgraduate Awards provide financial assistance.
  8. High-achieving students from certain target countries who intend to study at the master's level full-time in Sweden may apply for Swedish Institute Scholarships.
  9. The Holland Scholarship Program is intended exclusively for foreign students from non-EEA countries who want to study bachelor's or master's degrees at Dutch universities and colleges.
  10. Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC): Made available via bilateral agreements between China and other nations, this scholarship pays for tuition, housing expenses, health insurance, and other expenses.


  • The Cultural Vistas Fellowship Program is intended exclusively for Americans.
  • Minority sophomores interested in pursuing an international internship


  • New Zealand Development Scholarships are given only to applicants from certain developing Commonwealth nations who are looking for support for courses leading to a bachelor's degree.


The Korean Government Support Program is a fully-funded scholarship sponsored by the Korean government for South Korea.

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How to submit a scholarship application

Scholarship applications may be a difficult process, but with the appropriate strategy and preparation, they can also be a thrilling opportunity. Following are some pointers to assist you with the scholarship application procedure:

  • Start your study on the many scholarships offered to students from abroad. Look for possibilities with complete funding that fit with your area of study or personal interests.

  • Examine the qualifying conditions for each scholarship carefully to make sure you satisfy all of them. Pay attention to due dates and any requirements for supporting documentation.

  • Prepare your paperwork: A well-written personal statement or essay, academic transcripts, reference letters, a CV or resume, and other papers ought to be gathered.

  • Personal Statement or Essay: Spend some time creating a captivating personal statement or essay that highlights your qualifications for the scholarship and highlights your accomplishments and objectives.

  • Edit and proofread: Before submitting your application, make sure it is free of typos and grammatical mistakes. To improve, think about getting advice from professors or mentors.

  • Application Submission: Carefully adhere to the instructions given by each scholarship program regarding application submission. Ensure that your application package has all necessary documentation.

  • Follow Up: If there is a way to do so after submitting your application, use it to check on its progress or find out if any further details are needed.

Do not give up despite the fact that applying for scholarships requires time and work. Keep an optimistic attitude and keep going for these worthwhile possibilities that might alter your life!

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Writing advice for scholarship essays

The scholarship essay is one of the most crucial components of your application when applying for scholarships. You have the chance to highlight your abilities, experiences, and goals here. But producing a strong scholarship essay might be challenging. But don't worry; we have some advice to make your essay stand out.

It's important to comprehend the prompt or question that the scholarship organization has offered. Make sure you understand what they are asking for before you respond. Your essay should specifically address their needs and make the case for why you deserve their financial assistance.

Make sure the format of your essay is obvious. Start with an engaging opening that captures the reader's interest right away. Then, logically arrange your ideas into paragraphs that flow naturally from one to the next.

Also, don't be scared to show off your own writing style and individuality. Be true to yourself and let your enthusiasm show! Keep in mind that this is about more than simply showcasing your academic prowess; it's also about showcasing who you are as a person.

Additionally, wherever feasible, support any claims or assertions with specific instances or proof. Your arguments will gain credibility as a result, strengthening their persuasiveness.

Last but not least, be sure to rewrite and check your essay before turning it in. Verify the accuracy of the spelling and grammar, and that the sentences flow naturally one into the other.

You'll improve your chances of standing out from other candidates and getting those fully financed scholarships by using these suggestions!

Keep in mind that every word matters! So, give each line significant thought to ensure that it has the most effect on the people who are assessing applications.

Scholarships list
Scholarships list

Concerning Scholarships FAQs

Where can I locate scholarships for students from other countries?

Finding scholarships for overseas students might be challenging, but there are many tools at your disposal to support you. As they often provide scholarships exclusively for overseas students, start by inquiring with the institutions or schools you are interested in attending. Additionally, you may go through databases and websites that provide thorough listings of available scholarships.

Can I submit an application for these scholarships?

Before applying, carefully check the criteria since the eligibility conditions differ for scholarships. Specific academic or linguistic requirements may apply to some scholarships, while others may include leadership criteria or financial need requirements.

How can I make a scholarship application?

Normally, you must submit an application form together with supporting materials like transcripts, reference letters, and an essay or personal statement in order to be considered for a scholarship. Meet all deadlines and pay close attention to the scholarship provider's requirements.

What ought to I write about for my scholarship essay?

To distinguish yourself from other candidates, you must write a compelling scholarship essay. It need to highlight your accomplishments, objectives, and reasons for deserving the award. Be genuine and emphasize any special occasions or difficulties you've had that make you eligible of financial assistance.

Can I submit one application for many scholarships?

Yes! In fact, to improve your chances of getting financing, it is strongly advised that you apply for as many relevant scholarships as you can. Simply make sure you are eligible and submit all necessary paperwork on time.

Never forget: Before applying, be sure you carefully study the rules and application procedure for each scholarship program.


We looked at 15 fully funded foreign student scholarships in this post. Talented people have a fantastic chance to follow their ambitions of studying abroad without having to worry about paying for it thanks to these scholarships.

Scholarship applications might be tough, but you can improve your chances of success by doing thorough study and preparation. Find the scholarship opportunities that best fit your academic and professional objectives first. Make sure you submit all required papers on time by taking notice of the application criteria and deadlines.

Writing a strong essay is an important part of applying for scholarships. Make the most of your chance to highlight your distinctive experiences, abilities, and goals. Be genuine while telling your narrative and outlining your qualifications for the scholarship. Don't forget to carefully check your essay to make sure it is error-free.

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If you're thinking about applying for many scholarships, bear in mind that each one can call for a different essay or set of supporting documents. Each submission should be customized in accordance with the precise instructions given by each program.

If you have any queries or worries regarding the application procedure, don't be afraid to get in touch with the scholarship sponsors directly.

For overseas students, receiving a fully financed scholarship may lead to many options. Utilize these options to help make your educational endeavors more affordable.

Just keep in mind that earning a scholarship needs work and commitment, but it is absolutely achievable if you put in the required effort. Explore these 15 completely funded scholarships now to go a step closer to achieving your academic goals!