Google ADS How to Use Them to Make Money

 When it comes to Google Ads, there is a lot to know, from the fundamentals to advanced settings, tools, features, and campaign optimization. It may be perplexing even for power users!

I'm here to explain the key terms used in Google Ads so that you may grasp them. This is your comprehensive reference for all things CPC, PPC, and other significant components of your account in Google Ads.

Google ADS How to Use Them to Make Money
Google ADS How to Use Them to Make Money

How Do Google Ads operate, and Can You Make Money With Them?

Campaign for AdWords. Ads by Google. Show Network. Look Network. AdSense.

Is that clear? Most likely not. These words don't really stand out from one another, and they all sound similar. and in a way, they do, but it doesn't address the often-asked question, "How do Google Ads work?"

All of these words have probably come up before. You may have read one or more articles about it when you first heard these phrases.

You may have even attempted to launch your own campaign using Google Ads.

But you continue to wonder, "How do Google Ads work?"

If you don't "get it" yet, don't put the burden on yourself. It's a difficult topic.

This is true because Google is so large and has so many distinct revenue streams.

But you're determined to make sense of everything. You've heard the triumphant tales.

like the $111 billion in income earned by Google's advertising tools by 1.5 million companies in 2013!

Google ads are effective. In order to put everything together, all you really need is for someone to explain everything to you in plain English.

One vision is achieved by the concepts I stated in the first line, to Earn money for Google.

to generate income for joint venture partners and website publishers, to provide the finest online experience to consumers of the internet.

High-quality marketers from every sort of company may successfully use Google's advertising platform to generate a profit from their AdWords campaigns.

An advertisement or keyword is given a quality score depending on how well it is performing. From 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, it may be rated, keep in mind that your CPC will depend on your QS, your maximum bid, and how competitive your term is.

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Can Google Ads Be Effective For Your Company?

High-quality marketers from every sort of company may successfully use Google's advertising platform to generate a profit from their AdWords campaigns.

Because giving its billions of customers a positive experience is Google's top objective, high-quality advertising is significant to the company.

Because ultimately, the user experience determines whether Google and its reputation succeed or fail. to Google's knowledge.

Having said that, Google relies heavily on advertising for funding.

That's because so many people use Google, which attracts a lot of marketers. Quite rightly so. Google must thus find a compromise between maximizing revenue from selling ad space and maintaining a positive user experience.

And that's where you, brave company owner, step forward. For both your personal profit and that of Google, you should design your advertisement to provide the greatest experience possible to consumers of the search engine.

In the next sections, we'll go through how it works. You'll get a comprehensive response to the topic "How do Google Ads Work?" after reading this article. and you'll leave with some advice on how to make money!

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How Do Google Ads Function?

Play Morpheus from the Matrix's voice. Would you believe that billions of auctions take place every day? but not the sort where bidders yell their bids to a guy on a stage while standing up.

No, these auctions take place automatically, invisibly, and behind the scenes.

Millions of dollars are nonetheless continually moving in hundreds of diverse ways.

Yep. It's Google Auctions here.

The foundation of Google Ads is the online advertising space that Google sells and auctions.

The twenty-first century is here!

Now, returning to Google Ads,

Online advertising that is partially dependent on keywords is known as Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords.

Keywords are words or phrases that may be searched for and are related to the goods or services offered by a company, as a result, Google AdWords was born.

When it comes to how the ads are shown and how much they cost the advertisers, words and keywords play a significant role, so let's go into the details. What does all of this mean?

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Describe Google Ads.

Google Ads is the company's platform for marketers and enterprises. On this page, marketers may place bids for ad space.

The following locations are where Google Ads may be seen:

Google's organic search engine results pages (SERPs) or on certain websites and applications connected to Google searches, it is referred to as the "Google Search Network."

There are several websites and programs from third parties online. It is referred to as the "Google Display Network" of websites, any website that has chosen to participate in Google AdSense.

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Google AdSense: What Is It?

Google's platform for website owners and publishers is called Google AdSense. Here, individual websites may register and declare their willingness to host Google Ads.

In exchange, the publisher receives payment each time a user views or clicks an ad on their website (depending on the kind of ad it is).

Google will also choose the most relevant and lucrative advertising for publishers automatically, the Google AdSense payment process is incredibly simple and hands-off.

Google gives the website publisher a portion after first receiving money from the advertiser, the publisher just has to sign up for an AdSense account and follow Google's instructions to activate AdSense on their website.

When everything is ready, the website owner only has to place some html code where they want advertising to appear, and presto! They will see advertisements from companies whose products or services their audience would find interesting.

In conclusion, you now understand how Google Ads and Google AdSense's Search Network and Display Network differ from one another.

Let's now go further into the specifics of the query, "How do Google advertisements work?".

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Google's auctioning procedure

Rewind for a moment to the Google Auction procedure. Morpheus emphasized the billions of dollars of daily auctions that go on.

The secret to generating money with Google Ads is to understand these auctions and how the winners are selected.

Two categories of auctions exist:

1. Auctions for Display Network and AdSense

Every time a user opens a website with open Google ad space that has to be filled by an advertiser, these auctions take place.

Advertisers that get their ads shown at a discount on important and popular websites are the "winners" of these auctions, the keyword(s) that the advertisement targets determine relevance.

As a result, if a marketer chooses to target the term "pro golf clubs," their advertisement will be matched to an appropriate web page.

For instance, a blog article on "how to pick the best pro golf clubs" using AdSense would probably be , , a nice match for the advertiser who was going for the term "pro golf clubs."

Making money with keywords thus requires developing a sound keyword strategy and selecting the appropriate keywords to target, and of course, Google Ads for locating your intended audience.

2. Network Search Auctions

Although the mechanics of these auctions vary, the basic concept is the same. every time someone searches for a term on Google, which occurs billions of times every day, an auction takes place on the Search Network.

On Google, 2.3 million queries are made every second. And a large percentage of those SERPs have Google Ads, that is more than a million auctions taking place each second.

Therefore, the "auction" is the keyword search, and what is being sold is the ad space for that keyword search. as you can see, ad space may appear at the top when employing paid search advertising, the bottom of SERPs, etc.

And who are the auction's "winners"? Simply put, for that keyword search, the winners of the ad space are the marketers, this implies that you'll be in competition with other organizations that operate similarly for that lovely ad space.

Google Ads Pricing Structure

Additionally, you'll be in a price war with other companies in a similar industry to spend as little as possible on advertising.

Google Advertisers have access to three distinct payment methods:

PPC (pay per click): You will be charged a fee each time someone clicks on your advertisement. PPC advertisements' primary objective is to increase website visitors.

Cost per acquisition, or CPA. This is the sum that you inform Google that you are prepared to shell out in order to get a lead or a new client.

Based on the budget you provide, they will only display your advertising to prospective clients who are most likely to convert, an effective price strategy for seasoned marketers looking to boost conversion rates.

CPM stands for cost per thousand viewable impressions. Ideal for boosting brand recognition. is only accessible for display network advertising.

How then can you spend the least amount of money while ensuring that your ad appears more prominently on search engine results pages and other websites?

I'm glad you inquired! The answer to that is the key to understanding Google Ads, and it's the million-dollar question, please contact our staff if you want specific assistance with Google advertising, you may also take a look at our expert PPC management services. We really hope you succeed!

 Tips For Making Money With Google Ads

1. Select the Correct keywords.

You want to choose keywords for your company that aren't very expensive or competitive, this is particularly important for companies whose daily advertising costs are constrained.

If you employ the PPC approach, you must set a maximum bid—the most money you will spend—for someone to click on your advertisement, consequently, you want to attempt to make each click count.

Of course, not every click will result in a purchase. However, you still need to think about how to make each click count, and for this reason, you need to think about searcher intent.

You may target your advertising towards customers who are immediately ready to purchase your goods if you want to learn how Google advertising functions to make you money.

In addition, you need to increase sales to make up for the expense of your advertising effort, otherwise, your advertising expenses will rapidly put you in financial trouble, this brings us to the next step, which is selecting pertinent keywords. The process begins with a thorough keyword search.

There are several programs available to assist you with this, such as Google Keyword Planner, if driving conversions is your aim, the keywords should be related to that. for instance, let's say you wish to increase local sales of your new workout equipment.

The phrase "exercise equipment in Atlanta" would be a very relevant keyword to use if you wanted to increase sales. a person who looks for it is probably prepared to buy!

Additionally, since it's a localized search, it will be more affordable and efficient to target than, focusing on the term "exercise equipment," which e-commerce companies will most likely also pursue.

In Google Ads, there are four different forms of keyword match: wide match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and precise match.

2. Purchase a quality copy.

Now, the ad wording must be poor for your advertisement to operate well!

Consider employing a professional writer to create appealing material if you don't have expertise doing it, create your landing pages and ad text for you.

In the long term, having strong ad text may help you save money in a variety of ways. more conversions and purchases will come from better text ads and landing page material. spend less money on unsuccessful advertisements and keywords.

Your quality score will increase as your written material improves. And as a result, your cost per click (CPC) will decrease.

3. Make Quality Score improvements.

Let's discuss the quality score in more detail. because QS has an impact on some of a campaign's most crucial indicators, it is the most crucial statistic for success. These consist of:

  1. Your ad rank or position
  2. Impressions
  3. Its CPC

An advertisement or keyword is given a quality score depending on how well it is performing. From 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, it may be rated. Finally, the culmination of our trip has arrived. You must maximize both your quality score and bid amount if you want to "win" the auction.

Your ad's placement will improve the better these two are.

For instance:

How then do Google Ads integrate with the QS? Look below:

For this keyword search, the first ad received the highest rating in the auction. your ad will appear in better places in the SERP (top vs. bottom) when your QS is raised, in order to increase clicks and conversions without increasing your bid!

Google will also reduce the CPC of advertisers that get excellent quality ratings. if you're wondering about the typical CPC, it is $2.32 on the search network and $0.58 on the display network for all sectors.

However, keep in mind that your CPC will depend on your QS, maximum bid, and the difficulty of your keyword. no matter what, highly competitive keywords will always cost more. however, there's comfort in knowing that competitive and expensive don't automatically equate to "better."

What elements thus influence the QS?

Google won't disclose all of them, but the following are almost guaranteed:

Ad's suitability for the search term. How precise is your advertisement? Are your CTA and offer relevant to what your PPC advertisements are promoting? the keyword's suitability for the ad group, ad's suitability for the landing page Does the information on your landing page correspond to what is stated in your advertising campaign?

  • Is the offer the same? Did you use the same keyword or keywords? Your quality score will likely be poor if this is the case.
  • Account history and performance data
  • CTR of the advertisement and its ad group over time
  • The ratio of people who clicked on the advertisement to those who just watched it without clicking it is known as the click-through rate.
  • The ad's ad group is the collection of advertisements to which it belongs.
  • Expected CTR: Your quality score will increase if your ad's average CTR is greater than the industry standard.

Google ADS How to Use Them to Make Money
Google ADS How to Use Them to Make Money

The Display Network is one example.

Let's speak more about the Display Network to wrap up our subject.the Search Network's fundamentals have been covered, but the Display Network also provides benefits. the fundamental purpose of search is to find individuals who are already looking for certain things.

Display ads, on the other hand, are effective at grabbing people's attention by identifying potential customers before they're ready to make a purchase.

Five Display Network Statistics

An extensive network of more than 2 million third-party websites that have joined forces with and reach more than 90% of internet users, and consented to host Google advertisements.

These advertisements might be in rich media format—text, images, or videos.

They provide alternatives for multifunctional targeting, such as remarketing. for marketers who want their advertising to appear anywhere they choose, this network is for them.

You may choose the page type, certain websites, and even particular may choose certain web pages, online movies, games, RSS feeds, mobile websites, and mobile applications when using manual ad placements.

You may even choose which websites won't display your advertising. to find out which pages the advertisements were on, which ads had the most clicks, and which websites provided you with the greatest results, you may measure your results.

sells at the lowest possible price.

Five Tips for Making Money on the Display Network

Display networks are often used to boost brand exposure, engage consumers, and sell more goods and services.

The primary benefit over search network ads is that they may better draw attention to themselves via the use of colors and motion.

rich media format, picture, or video. Storytelling is a potent marketing strategy. Furthermore, it's feasible to produce a lasting impression thanks to display ads.

By displaying your advertisement to display network users who have previously visited your website, you may run a remarketing campaign.

You decide the advertising scale. You may target affinity audiences to reach a large audience.

You may employ in-market audiences for targeted audiences who are prepared to buy.

Your targeting approach is automatically modified based on your findings.

For instance, if a display network website isn't assisting you in achieving your objectives,

Your bid strategy may (optionally) be automatically adjusted by the Google Ads system.


Many companies struggle with the dedication required to profit from Google Ads.

This is often a result of their difficulty in providing an explanation for how Google Ads operate.

However, after you comprehend how Google functions and how gorgeous its advertising possibilities are,

Then, it will be simple for you to discover the drive to keep going until you start to make money.