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CRC-16 (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is a common error detection algorithm used to detect errors in digital data. It works by performing a cyclic calculation on the data, which produces a checksum value that can be used to detect changes or errors in the data. The resulting checksum value is called a hash.

CRC-16 Hash
CRC-16 Hash Generator

CRC-16 Hash Generator

The CRC-16 hash algorithm is relatively simple to implement, and it is relatively efficient in terms of speed and resource usage. It is widely used in various applications, including communication protocols, data storage systems, and other applications where data integrity is important.

CRC-16 is just one of many different types of hash algorithms that are used for error detection and data integrity. Other common hash algorithms include MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-


The CRC-16 checksum is calculated using the following algorithm:

  • The information is separated into fixed-size blocks (usually 16 or 32 bits).
  • Each data block's checksum value is calculated using a predetermined polynomial function.
  • The final CRC-16 value is created by adding the checksum values for each block.
  • The generated checksum can be used to later confirm the data's integrity and is often broadcast or saved with the data. The generated checksum will differ from the original if the data has been altered in any manner, signaling a mistake.ndicating that an error has occurred.

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