URL UTM Builder

Get more from Google Analytics with UTM codes.

This form helps you create a URL with UTM codes. UTM codes provide better data in Google Analytics. Ceate as many variations as you'd like.

Follow the steps below to create your URL + UTM Codes.

Important Rules:

    do not use spaces between words, use a '-' instead. E.g. use "banner-ad" not "banner ad". only use lower case letters.
    do not use any special characters in the form fields. E.g. /, $, *, &, # or @.
    be careful with typos. Data is collected once you put a URL into the world with UTM codes.

Your URL will update as you go and display at the bottom of the page.

*Step 1 - Enter the url for this initiative:
This is the URL of your page. It can be any web page. For example, www.xoominternet.com/ or www.xoominternet.com/p/privacy.html.

*Step 2 - Select your campaign medium:
This is the medium such as social media, another website or a television ad.

*Step 3 - Enter your source:
This is the source of the campaign. It is one step down from medium. For example, if the medium is social, the source could be twitter.

*Step 4 - Enter your campaign name:
This is the name of the campaign. Your campaign name MUST start with your department acronym. Only use one department code - if more than one, use the lead agency's code. We also recommend using the mmmyy date in the name. E.g. dtmr-aug15-roadsafety.

Step 5 - Enter any paid search terms:
If you're using paid search, enter your search terms here with a + separating words e.g. road+safety. If not being used, leave blank.

*Step 6 - Enter your campaign content:
This is where you differentiate ads or links from the same source. E.g. brisbane-ad1.Press 'enter' once you're done.

Press 'enter' once you've finished typing.

All done? If not, you can go back and edit the fields as much as you like.

Here is your new URL with UTM codes attached.
As long as you filled out each step, you should see your results in the URL below:

When finished, your url should look something like this:

Make sure you copy the entire link provided. You should also test the link - to test, simply copy and paste into your browser to see if the correct page is displayed.