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RGB:   Red Green Blue


 Color plays an important role in web design and the ability to easily convert RGB and Hex codes is essential for any designer. But how do you know how to convert between RGB and Hex codes? Fortunately, it's easy to do with a few simple steps. 

RGB, HEX Color Converter

RGB stands for Red Green Blue and Hex stands for Hexadecimal. RGB is a way of representing colors using numbers ranging from 0-255. RGB color values are typically used in web design as they can be represented accurately on any screen. Hexadecimal color values are also used in web design and range from 00 to FF.

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The easiest way to convert between RGB and Hex values is to use an online converter. Simply enter the RGB or Hex value into the converter and click the “convert” button to get the equivalent values in both formats. 

RGB Equivalent to HEX

Alternatively, if you have the skillset, you can manually convert between RGB and Hex values. To convert from RGB to Hex, simply take each of the three decimal values and convert them to their equivalent hexadecimal number (for example, 255 = FF). Then combine the three values to form a 6-digit hex code (e.g. FF0000 for red). To convert from Hex to RGB, you need to do the opposite: break apart the 6-digit code into its 3 components, then convert each one to its equivalent decimal number. 

Online HEX Color Picker

RGB and Hex color codes are essential tools for web designers, so having an easy way to convert between the two can be very helpful. With an online converter or by manually converting values, you can quickly find the equivalent color codes in either format.

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