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Encrypt Text To Image

Enter some text and press Encrypt!

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The image will appear in the canvas below; because it is so little, you must right-click and select "save image as" to download it.

Right click on image to save


Decrypt Image To Text

Open a PNG file produced by this program.

How Does Text Encryption in an Image Work?

  1. the original text is read
  2. Hexadecimalizes the text and groups the letters into three groups.
  3. Each group will be a different hue, for instance #B220FF.
  4. draws each hue on a canvas as a single pixel (this means that each pixel of the final image represents three letters)
  5. uses the to Image Data() function to save the canvas image as a PNG file.
  6. It performs the exact opposite while decoding (duh!).
Caesar cipher - encryption and decryption tool

Text To Image Encrypt

Image encryption is a process of coding and decoding an image using an encryption and decryption algorithm. It is used to protect confidential information and prevent unauthorized access to it. The encryption process involves the use of secret keys, which must be kept secure, and the decryption process involves the use of the same secret key. Image encryption is used in computer systems, networks, and applications as it provides an extra layer of security on top of the existing security systems.