Encode Decode Text With Unicode Characters



 Unicode is a widely adopted way of representing various characters and symbols across platforms and languages. In the programming language JavaScript, the charCodeAt() function can be used to convert a unicode character to a numerical code. In Python, there is a built-in function called ord() which can also be used to convert unicode characters to numerical codes. Special characters can also be converted to unicode using the escape sequences that are provided with the language of your choice.

Encode Decode Text With Unicode Characters

Unicode helps the development of software by providing a unique number for each character, no matter what the device, platform, or program. It also helps with displaying and transforming text regardless of the system’s native character set. Unicode allows web developers to produce a web page that can be viewed in any language, improving global communications by removing language barriers. It is also an important tool for internationalization, allowing for a single piece of software to be tailored for multiple languages.

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