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The internet is a means of communication between different people and companies in the world through communication, especially in the field of e-commerce, which was used as a means of advertising products. However, the use of this means is through the domain name, without which it is not possible to access these Their products. 

DNS Records Checker

DNS Records Checker

Technological development has contributed to the transition of the world from the real world to the virtual digital world. The domain name system (DNS) converts a set of numbers called the internet protocol (IP) into letters or symbols to facilitate memorization of what was previously difficult to use, and the role that He founded the domain name from the technical side to an effective role in economic life and e-commerce, especially industrial. 

Websites on the internet, it is the portal that most businesses seek to obtain in order to offer Companies seek to promote their products through the internet and require the registration of domain names They carry their own brands, but people with bad intentions were the first to recognize the usefulness of the domain name, especially the exploitation of the principle of precedence in registration, and benefit from it in the registration of marks They are famous as domain names and sell them for exorbitant amounts, and the frequency of these attacks in various forms has increased on Owners of Intellectual Property Rights. In particular, by influencing business transactions and their relationship to elements of Intellectual Property.

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There are Fiqh who consider it one of the elements of intellectual property, especially industrial, as a trademark, and therefore enjoys There are those who do not consider it an element of intellectual property, on the grounds that it is a new legal idea. Jurists and legal legislation have differed in determining the legal nature of domain names.