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The Site Map is a file that is posted to your site that contains all the information linked to the site, including links, files, etc. This file enables search engines to view all the information about your site and makes it easier for them to recognize it.

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Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator

Sitemaps are xml files that include the URLs to each of your website's web pages. Consider the city maps, which provide details about the city and its locations and are used by new visitors to locate sites inside the city, to better comprehend the location maps. In order for a user or a search engine to be aware of your website whenever they visit it, the sitemap visualizes the whole map of your website in this manner.

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A sitemap generator is a tool used to create a visual map of the structure of a website. This tool can provide a helpful guide for users, as well as being instrumental for SEO purposes.

Sitemap generator is a free SEO tool that creates a sitemap for your website in one click.Since writing XML sitemaps manually is a time-consuming activity, we have created our own XML sitemaps generator completely free of charge to help you get sitemaps quickly.So, how to use this toolIt's a fairly simple matter.Just type the required information in the appropriate boxand start.