GeoJSON Layers Manager

GeoJSON loading and styling
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This example shows how to integrate GeoJSON layers and style them.

GeoJSON Layers Manager

A GeoJSON file and a styling file providing the relevant feature styles can be used to do this. The geographic topology is stored in the GeoJSON file using the Javascript Object Notation. It works with geometries like points, linestrings, polygons, multilinestrings, and multipolygons. (See GeoJSON documentation). The style file is a JSON file that contains stylistic details for the features that are included in the GeoJSON file. The styling choices and characteristics are provided by the OpenLayers 3 Feature styles. (learn more about feature styles on Openlayers 3 documentation).

To see your own GeoJSON file and related style file URLs on this map, simply input them.

GeoJSON Layers Manager

Geospatial data is not limited to determining a specific location of the Earth, but goes beyond that to show full specifications and comprehensive information about any place of the Earth's surface, and this is really shown in three-dimensional images, it is already an advanced system that can analyze geographical data and compile various images of historical and modern places of the world.

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