Find Duplicates in Text File

     Sometimes we write a long article or a copy from another source, but after re-reading the text it appears that it has repetitions of some words or perhaps sentences, not all repetitions are bad, we may need to repeat some words because they are the crux of the matter, so we presented this tool to determine the repetition and distinguish it with a beautiful interface that you can filter all the repeated words by number and distinguish them in a different color.

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    Find Duplicates in Text File

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    Find Duplicates in Text File

    When there are too many repeated words inside the text and you want to detect them, but you can't do it manually, in this case you need to use the Find Duplicates in Text File tool to identify repeated words, quickly identify them and distinguish them.

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    Calculation of the frequency of words within the text

    To calculate the frequency of words in a text file, we copy the text to the tool can change the frequency value of the word you want to calculate, and some specific words can be excluded.

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