Countries and Their Official Languages


If you have ever traveled around the world, the first thing you will notice is that the main language in those countries, which is spoken by the majority of the inhabitants, is not the only language used and spoken by the population there, but there are multiple other languages, although there are many countries whose people speak more than one language.

countries and  languages
countries and their official languages

Countries and Their Official Languages

For example, some African countries that were under French rule still adopt French, although the country of France makes English a second language and it is used a lot in some regions of the country.

If we go to the Berber region, which is located east of Algiers, we find that they preserve their ancient heritage by virtue of the fact that they are the original inhabitants of that region, they still speak Kabyle to this day, although the first language in Algeria is Arabic.

Some countries in the world adopt more than one official language and governments enact laws through which they declare the most widely used official language among the inhabitants of that country, which is the only basic language in which communication is carried out, which is used in schools, universities, education in general and the media.

Currency Name in The World

  1. France : French as an official language
  2. United : Kingdom English
  3. Spain : Spanish as an official language
  4. Portugal : Portuguese
  5. Belgium :  French and Dutch are the official languages
  6. Switzerland : German French Italian Romansh are all official languages.

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