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Free online Speed Typing tests are a great way to measure your typing speed and accuracy. With a variety of text options and various test lengths, these online tests provide an easy and fun way to test and improve your typing. To get a quick measure of your typing skills, try Type the Alphabet as quickly as you can. Alternatively, some typing games offer timed tests in which you must type the alphabet within a certain amount of time.

Alphabet Typing Speed Test

In order to be skilled in the use of informatics and systems you must quickly write on the keyboard because it is a prerequisite, for that we have created this tool that helps you write with the measurement of the desired speed, if you exceed 60 words in 60 seconds writing the speed of writing on the keyboard is good.

Speed Typing Online
Type the Alphabet | Speed Typing Online

speed typing alphabet

Writing skilfully requires speed and to be skillful must be written on the keyboard constantly, such as rewriting long essays or poetry, learning all the essentials of writing and using shortcuts and reductions. 

Speed typing games

Learning how to type the alphabet can be a fun and engaging activity for children of any age. It is a great way to help them develop their fine motor skills and learn basic letter recognition. There are a wide variety of games available online that can help your child practice typing the alphabet, from simple speed typing games to more complex typing programs. Additionally, you can create your own activities, such as having your child type out words or phrases for practice or even create a personalized game where they have to type out the alphabet in order.

Typing Speed Test - Check the print speed in a minute

Online typing lessons

Learning the alphabet is an essential part of a child's education. As parents, we can help them learn by playing fun and engaging alphabet games. There are many types of these games available online such as typing speed games, typing practice games, and even touch typing games. With these games, children can learn the alphabet in a more interactive and fun way.

Speed typing practice

In order to master the keyboard, educational courses are constantly being developed specially designed to teach typing on touch buttons, after you have performed several exercises you will notice the result after each exercise the number of mistakes you have made and the total time spent typing, teachers are required to learn the keyboard well and pay attention to the time, especially first-stage children have to start by teaching them the alphabets, especially English in the educational course, each child chooses the appropriate tests as soon as they finish writing sentences or letters the tool provides a quick and comprehensive assessment. There are several exercises that can be repeated according to your desire, you just need to check the data that the tool decides.


Increasingly, typing speed is becoming an important skill to have, especially in the digital age. While many people are familiar with the basics of typing, there is a growing need for individuals to be able to type on a computer quickly and accurately. To help individuals improve their typing speed, various resources are available, such as typing games, typing lessons, and touch typing. These resources provide an opportunity for individuals to learn the basics of typing, as well as improve their current typing speed.

Typing Speed Test - Check the print speed in a minute

There are also fun Type the Alphabet  for those looking for a challenge, like typing the alphabet as quickly as possible with a timer starting when you begin. You can then see how much faster you can get with each practice session and strive to beat your top scores.