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Text To Voice
Text To Voice - Convert text to multiple languages with speech

The text is converted into audible speech via the text-to-voice tool in a variety of languages. You can control the speed of speech and pronunciation. You can start trying the text-to-speech converter by adding text to the dedicated box of the tool and then click Start Speaking.

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The tool helps you speak any language you want and by voice you need such a tool you can convert sentences into audible speech in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French and other languages.

Voice To Text Generator Tool

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Who doesn't want to pronounce a sentence in a language other than his own, but hesitates how to pronounce it. This tool is the solution. As a real teacher, using a text translation tool in another language that gains excellent speaking skills in other languages, using frequently the text converter into speech that will improve your pronunciation when speaking in a different language. 

If you want to convert from voice to text, go to the voice to text converter at the bottom.