ROT13 Online Encode & Decode

Type into the "Original" textarea to see the text encrypted/decrypted using the ROT13 cypher.

ROT13 Encrypt & Decrypt

ROT13 Encrypt & Decrypt
ROT13  Online Encode & Decode

ROT13 is its own inverse since there are 26 letters in the fundamental Latin alphabet (213), which means that the same technique can be used to undo ROT13 and do both encoding and decoding simultaneously.

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A simple encryption and decryption tool so that it replaces the letter with the letter 13 in the alphabet ROT13 it is an old encryption method.

Caesar cipher - encryption and decryption tool

In internet forums, ROT13 is used to conceal spoilers, punchlines, answer to puzzles, and objectionable content from the casual view. Numerous online letter and word games, frequently referenced in news .group discussions, have been inspired by ROT13

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 The technique offers essentially no cryptographic protection and is frequently used as a standard illustration of inadequate encryption.