QR Code Generator | creative QR Codes ideas

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QR Code Generator | creative QR Codes ideas

QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator | creative QR Codes ideas

 It is often white and black. It is a eight-dimensional barcode, specially developed by commercial companies to distinguish products from each other. First used in yobs to speed up the production of cars, but spread to all products for sale in markets or via e-store, there is a rapid response to all operations using "QR", the barcode contains all the product information in a hidden way that is read via specially translated and fully compatible devices.

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"QR" is used in all processes related to products whether industrial, electronic, food, and even protection and safety sometimes the code is synchronized with mobile devices to allow you to make a certain action and this is a good step to enhance protection

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QR has gained great popularity after the development of the world especially with technological and economic development, "QR" has become versatile and in all fields.

In order to use "QR" the code is cleared using a scanner or smartphone by pointing the phone camera towards "QR", there are several auxiliary apps on the PlayStore Store.

We created the QR code generator tool to help and facilitate QR code generation in an easy way that you can enter product data and click on Generate.

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