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Online URL Encoder

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Online Url Encoder Tool


Essekhaya's online URL encoding tool helps to encode data in order to be usable in a unified resource location.Especially if it comes to data that is stored via a database or transmitted over the internet. Our encryption tool can also be used to encode any type of data, it can encode a variety of file types including text, images and files. A completely free Free Online URL encoding tool that you can use to encode your data easily.

Convert Any File To Base64

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URL Encoder Tool

The online URL encoding tool makes it possible to encrypt any type of URL, including HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, the URL is taken and encrypted in a base 64 string, this string is used to embed the URL in a text file or HTML document. Can be used to encode any type of URL.

Encode URL Online

The URL Encoder Tool is simple and easy to deal with, type the page link you want to make it more secure and paste it into the tool's box, immediately after clicking on the encryption button you will notice that the process has been done automatically and successfully and you finally get an encrypted URL.