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Calorie calculator for weight control

Calorie calculator for weight control
Calorie Calculator

 The food and drink he consumed daily contains different quantities of calories, and for the importance of the calories of the body and their significant impact on health especially when unbalanced, these calories are regularly calculated especially in the elderly, sick and lactating women.

The human body's need for calories varies from person to person depending on age group, sex and daily lifestyle.

There are several factors that control the amount of calories that our bodies need to mention in short.

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  1. Age
  2. Lifestyle
  3.  Body structure
  4.  Some genetic factors
  5.  Drug Effect

Calorie calculator the body needs during the day

To calculate the amount of calories your body needs using the calculator

Enter the age, specify the sex and enter the rest of the information as weight and length then click on the calorie calculation button.