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there are many free Privacy Policy generators available online that can provide companies with a comprehensive and legally compliant policy in just a few minutes. privacy policy is a legal document that defines the way a company collects and stores customer data and is one of the best ways to protect customer data.

We have designed a privacy policy generator tool to help people who want to design websites, online stores or applications, a free Privacy Policy Generator tool helps you create this important page for any website on the internet, with clauses that comply with all General Data Protection Regulations in the world including the CCPA law, this design is provided on the basis of compliance with the requirements of general protection regulations.

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Free Privacy Policy Generator

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Using our Privacy Policy creation tool, you can easily write a privacy policy that meets all the user data protection requirements set forth in the GDPR for users around the world, including the European Union.

If you want to design a website or any online service, you need a privacy policy. The privacy policy is an agreement concluded between you and visitors and followers through that necessary page that defines the personal data that you collect about them, and do you have the right to exploit the information you collect about users through their access to your site and your handling of cookies, and should mention all the rights of users regarding their data, its fate and whether it is kept or shared with third parties such as advertisers for example. This is required by law in many global jurisdictions, and let's assume that you are not legally bound by this procedure, it is transparent in good business transactions to have a static and visible page showing those items. Because it is an essential factor to bring trust between you and users, it is a legal protection of third-party property and a strict vindication against you in the event of an emergency dispute.

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Features of the Privacy Policy Generator 

  • A free tool that allows you to create policies for your website applications that can be easily modified or updated.
  • You can also change the policies as often as necessary without receiving bad feedback from others about the update.
  • The Privacy Policy Generator Tool is fully compatible with the General Data Protection regulations around the world, especially the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA, and it is also free you will not need to pay when you want a privacy policy for your site as it is easy to use and modify.
  •  The possibility of restricting access to certain files, by adding rules to folders or even by adding rules to certain files.
  •  Ta's policy generator looks with a compatible and simple design that makes it easy to use. It also comes with an educational guide to show you the steps of the process of creating a privacy policy with ease and in an accurate manner and does not require any coding skills or special knowledge of software codes.

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Essekhaya's free Privacy Policy Generator is one of the best free Privacy Policy Generator compatible with blogs, websites or applications and compatible with Google policies, fill in the necessary information and click on Generate, you must copy this code to your site on the html page, so you have got a specially designed and professionally produced Privacy Policy for you and valid for your site and it will only take you a few minutes.

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Get the source code of our Privacy Policy Generator to create a custom privacy policy template for your visitors for free on your website, blog or app and bring a lot of traffic.

How to create a free policy

  1. Write the name of your brand or website
  2. Paste the link to your website
  3. Enter your primary email account associated with your brand


A website consists of a set of web pages that are linked to each other in a consistent way, you can create websites using tools or there are a variety of free services available online such as blogs, forums, various social media, especially Facebook or a company, and multiple types of websites, from tools and free and open source software that website owners urgently need is the best the best tool for generating a privacy policy.

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We have provided you with a free Privacy Policy builder tool that in a short timejust satisfies your desire, you can customize this page and edit it after creation as you like .

In this easy way if you are thinking about e-commerce, you can create a privacy policy that is compatible with your brand after entering the necessary location information and clicking Create .

The Privacy Policy page is one of the important pages that must be created for any site, especially for brands, and it is also a prerequisite when applying to Google AdSense for those who need to benefit from viewing ads.

With Caloppa, Shopify, TermsFeed, GetTerms, Termly, Store, Ecommerce Apps, Laws, FreePrivacyPolicy, Iubenda and Consent Statement from CookieYes, users can easily set up a comprehensive privacy policy template. This process ensures that users have detailed information about data collection, storage, and usage. It also helps to protect users from potential breaches of privacy and data misuse by any third-party websites or applications. Moreover, with the help of these templates, it becomes easier for users to comply with the laws and regulations related to data protection.

By choosing these services, businesses can take advantage of automatic basic registration, private industry changing, and have the ability to cover their customers with a paid DMCA protection. Furthermore, businesses can also choose from mobile-friendly privacy policies that can be personalized according to the company’s needs. This helps ensure that businesses are compliant with all the necessary laws and regulations while keeping their customers’ data safe.