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If you are looking for a simple program or tool to resize photos, whether you are looking for a program, application, or any way to reduce the size of photos, there are some things you should know in advance. Adjusting the size of images can be simple or complicated for some, not only because images come in different formats but also on the tools or software that you rely on to reduce the size of the image . And yet there are many easy ways to resize your photos without losing the original quality and at the same time you do not need to spend a lot of money. Welcome to Al-sakhaya website to use various free tools to edit, modify or compress images, our website is interested in providing the best web applications to resize various images such as PNG, Favicon ICO, JPG and SVG are all characterized by simplicity and ease of use .
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Simple Image Resizer

Simple Image Resizer online tool

Photos are frequently taken on phones in order to share them with loved ones or use them for certain purposes, but some photos are not of suitable dimensions so we need to resize, we created a special online photo resizing tool that helps the user to give the photo a professional touch and show it the way we like.

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Bloggers need to use media to enrich their content and attract potential customers, the use of images within the content is very important to attract visitors or to help bring understanding closer, editing images before publishing, improving their quality and sending them with compatible dimensions gives strength to the site can choose the best metrics and meet the appropriate purpose.

For those who are interested in web development, their desires must be expanded in order to learn more and develop skills, they have many challenges that they must take into account, but hope always remains as long as all resources and options are available.

The Simple Image Resizer online tool via essekhaya website is free and allows you to resize your photos quite easily in such a simple way that you can resize photos without any problems.The process of resizing the image is done via our online tool and through your computer, you can select the image and change the size, width or height in pixels.

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The importance of using Simple Image Resizer

  • Resizing the image before uploading it to blogger or WordPress keeps the pages loading faster.
  • It is advisable to change the size of the images when sending them by e-mail.
  • Be commensurate with any editor and various documents such as Word or pdf.
  • After editing the photos with The Simple Image Resizer tool, they are ready to be published on the forum or social media platforms, especially Facebook.
  • Simple Image Resizer supports various formats such as JPEG, BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF.
  • SEO optimization of pages.
  • Maintaining the accuracy and quality of photos


What distinguishes Simple Image Resizer is that the editing method is done online and it is easy to use it to change the size of various images. You can use Simple Image Resizer to reduce the size of photos or make them larger. You can also use these tools to change the aspect ratio of your photos. Most of these tools are available for free. Although there are many websites that offer free download of some tools.But not all of these tools have the same features. Some of them are more complicated than others and can cause a decrease in quality or its complete loss.

That's why it's good to look for an effective tool, especially for those who need to quickly convert photos for use in a new project such as marketing, search design or within an application, and it's also suitable for those who own a photo shop. You can also resize a thumbnail image that can be used for a variety of common tasks.

Free tools for editing and converting images

One of these programs that has gained fame is Adobe Photoshop it is really a powerful photo editing program that can be used to set a single image or base image in a powerful document. The program has the ability to scan, upload and edit photos. The file size of a Photoshop document can be large, depending on the number of images and the amount of detail in the document. They can easily be reduced in size without loss of quality by following a few simple steps.