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ISSNISBN Barcode Generator

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 ISSNISBN Barcode Generator 

 ISSNISBN Barcode Generator also offers a unique ISSN Free Barcode Generator to create barcodes with your own ISBN and include it on your book cover design. This advanced barcode generator allows you to adjust the bar width, making it easier and faster to generate a barcode for your book. You can also customize the barcode size and color, giving you the freedom to create a professional-looking barcode for your book in just a few clicks. This convenient tool can help you make your book stand out from the competition and ensure that customers are able to easily find it when searching online.

Barcode Generator
 ISSNISBN Barcode Generator 

Enter text, enter a non-ridiculous height in pixels, enter a width between 4 (so small) and 40 (gigantor) and press the button. Magic will ensue. Print page or copy HTML out of box and paste it where it will do some good.

Technobabble located below the text area for those who know their way around Code128.
Enter Text:   Height:   Width: 

Starting out in Code128B and using backwards apostrophe (aka backquote, accent grave, backtick)
  to get tough to type characters:
`1 = FNC1 = 102
`2 = FNC2 = 97 (AB Only)
`3 = FNC3 = 96 (AB Only)
`4 = FNC4 = 101 (A), 100 (B)
`a = Shift A = 98 (B Only)
`b = Shift B = 98 (A Only)
`A = Code A = 101 (BC Only)
`B = Code B = 100 (AC Only)
`C = Code C = 99 (AB Only)
`D = DEL (ASCII 127) = 95 (B Only)
`` = ` (of course)

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